Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What paper are you taking? [Semester Two, 2009]

Let us know what paper/s you are enrolled in this semester and see if there are others taking the same paper as you!


  1. Hello everyone

    I'm enrolled this semester in 72371 Policy and Procedures for Information Services.

    I am finding it a bit heavy going, and didn't enjoy Task 1 of Assignment 1 at all. Still, I think the assignments get better after that (hope so anyway).

    Cheers all SEONAID (Shona), Takapuna

  2. I'm doing 72271 User Education and Reference Skills. Interesting paper - my problem is getting the assignments done!
    Kathy N, Birkenhead

  3. Hi everyone,
    This semester I'm doing 72277 Library Services for Children and Young People. It's a nice paper, I enjoyed the other children's one last semester too, although I still fall asleep over some of the readings! Life's a bit busy at the moment.
    Happy studying,
    Fiona H

  4. aha, craftycat is YOU kathy!!!!


  5. Hola!
    I'm doing User Education and Reference skills and Managing Archives - wasn't sure how Managing Archives would be but I'm enjoying it.
    all the best to everyone